The Custom Series basses

                          True Vintage tone!


Custom Series Classic V, 70's olympic white

Custom Series Classic V, 2 tone tobacco burst

Custom Series Classic IV, Dakota Red

Custom Series Classic V, 70's black/matching head    
Custom Series Classic IV, cherry burst

Custom Series Classic V, midnight blue

Custom Series Classic V shoreline gold

Custom Series Classic IV, candy apple red


Custom Series Classic V Sonic Blue

Custom Series Classic IV, Red Wine Burst


A standard already in the bass guitars market, the F-Clef "Custom Series" bass guitars are entirely in the USA with the best craftsmanship, materials and components

The idea behind the Custom Series models  is to offer the best sounding and the best performing J-style bassguitar possible.
Here is what we have achieved with our bass from a player's perspective:

- A true"vintage" sound and feel!Yes,even in a 5 string!

- Useful real world "Tone Quality": eveness, clarity and articulate in all registers.

-String to string balance, sensibility to the bassist's playing and dynamics.

- Superb playbility and comfort: string flexibility.Ultra low settings fast and effortless "D" shaped neck profile.


The woods selected for each instrument are aged and come from a hand picked stock billets, to acquire the maximum acoustic resonance. We utilize alder and ash for our bodies according to the vintage philosophy and sometimes mahogany on the "Elite" styles basses.

* Alder bodies deliver a rounder, deeper tone
* Ash bodies: faster attack, more mid-rangy growl
* Mahogany: warm low end, structured mids and high mids


Woods of choice for the fingerboards are Indian rosewood, Bolvian rosewood, sugar maple, birdseye maple, Indian ebony and macassar ebony; we feel that fingerboard is an extremely decisive factor for the final sonic result.:

* Maple fingerboads: clear and defined lows, growly mids and bright highs
* Rosewood fingerboards: warmer lows and warmer mids
* Ebony fingerboards: very focused and even tone; full range with a slightly compressed and very lyrical attack. We recomend this fingerboard to achieve by definition a variety of modern tones.

Any wood combination on F-Clef basses delivers its own character and behaviour.Still, undeniably keeping the fundamental vintage flavour.Check some examples of these tone varieties in our Audio Gallery



The Fclef passive/active electronics In passive mode the Fclef reproduces accurately and faithfully the old J-Bass. In active mode, the passive tone control is also usable maintaining an absolutely clean and natural tone when flat.

As you start tweaking the preamp.You will realize it yields an array of powerful modern tones without hindering the instruments true vintage bass character.


We chose Seymour Duncan as our signature sound.The "Seymour Duncan Custom Vintage Single Coils" matches the instrument's character still delivering extremely clear, hi-defined, and dynamic response that's always natural and true to the acoustic sound of the different wood combinations. Other brands and types of pick ups can be choosen on an individual custom-order basis.

head_back_400 snc14822_450_01

Every aspect of the construction from neck carving  to neck/body joint and hardware components, have been carefully designed, realized and are some of the reasons why your first experience when playing an Fclef is tactile familiarity and quality craftsmanship at hand.


Feel free to contact us for any further information on our instruments.



The F-Clef "Custom Series" are available in preselected customizations styles such as the "Classic" and the "Elite", or can be individually customized according to your liking


                                      Technical Specifications for "Custom Series" bass guitars

  • Solid Body
  • 34" scale
  • 21 frets
  • strings spacing at bridge: 19mm
  • bone nut
  • body woods: alder or ash
  • neck wood: western rock maple
  • fingerboard woods: indian rosewood or sugar maple
  • fingerboard inlays: mother of pearl dots;ebony/black dots
  • mother of pearl blocks and binding
  • ebon/black blocks and binding
  • Finishes: "Vintage polish" neck and fingerboard
  • Nitro Cellulose body
  • Bridge: Hipshot "style A"
  • Tuners Hipshot Vintage Ultralight
  • Hardware Color: Chrome
  • Pick Ups:Seymour Duncan "Vintage Single Coils" custom 60's or 70's style wirings
  • Pick ups positions: 60's; 70's
  • Electronic: active/passive, 18v, 2 band (Volume, blend, tone control working in both active and passive, bass and treble cut/boost)
  • Strings: DR "High Beam", "Fat Beam" or "Sun Beam" 45
  • Available in 4 and 5 strings; fretted or fretless; righty or lefty

Custom Options  for "Custom Series, Classic Style"


  • Body woods: mahogany
  • Fingerboard woods: birdseye maple
                                 bolivian rosewood
                                indian ebony
                                macassar ebony
  • Fingerboard inlays: abalone blocks and binding
                                custom Inlays: Call
  • Custom shaped necks: Call
  • Chambered Body
  • Pick ups: Seymour Duncan "Vintage Dual Coils" custom
  • Other brands and types (Call)
  • Pick up positions: custom (Call)
  • Electronic: "Individual" custom order (Call)
  • Hardware colors: black
  • gold
  • Neck finishes: Satin
  • F-Clef custom "Semi-Gloss"
  • Fingerboard finishes: Satin
  • F-Clef custom "Semi-Gloss"
  • Body Finishes: Satin
  • Gloss/Vintage Tint
  • Matching Headstock
  • Fretless with lines

Custom Options  for " Custom Series, Elite Style"


  • Body woods: walnut, korina, koa
  • Tops: spalted maple, flame koa, crotch walnut, macassar ebony, buckeye burl, horse chestnut, fame or burled redowood, hawayan mango,madrone burl, olive, others (call)
  • Fingerboard woods: Macassar Ebony
                                Bolivian Rosewood
                                Birdseye Maple
                                Pau Ferro
  •  Figerboard Inlays: Abalone Blocks/Binding
                               Custom (Call)
  • Chambered Body
  • Custom shape neck: Call
  • Hardware Color: Gold or Black
  • Pick Ups: Seymour Duncan "Vintage Dual Coils"
                  Others (Call)
  • Custom positioned pick ups: Call
  • Neck Finishes: F-Clef custom "Semi-Gloss"
  • Fingerboard Finishes: F-Clef custom "Semi-Gloss"
  • Body Finishes: F-Clef custom "Semi-gloss"
  • Fretless with lines




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